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   Erikai Cosmetics

"Erikai Cosmetics is a revolutionary skincare formula utilizing the latest ingredients and technology to give you, the customer, a beauty edge."

Salon Motif, Redlands' hair salon of choice

Erikai Cosmetics is known for spotting color trends before they happen. 
Erikai's products range from botanical-based formulas to high-tech cosmeceuticals with a dermatological focus. 


We maintain a library of over 2,000 shades and hundreds of creative formulas. But that's only the beginning. Throughout the year we continually launch new colors and products to keep your choices exciting; timeless classics as well as those which reflect the latest fashion trends.


While we carry a variety of makeup types, the Erikai Mineral Makeup Collection is our personal favorite. It is sourced from nature and fused with science to protect, correct and beautify skin without irritation. Minerals provide a natural, chemical-free sunblock, shielding skin against damaging ultra-violet light. Their powerful, light-reflective properties make flaws and imperfections practically invisible. 

Virtually weightless, our Mineral Makeup Collection allows skin to “breathe” freely while shielding skin against age aggressors. Every product is free of fragrance, oil, talc, dyes, heavy fillers and pore-clogging ingredients. Mineral Makeup is the perfect choice after cosmetic procedures or for individuals who suffer from chronic skin conditions. 


Make an appointment for a private application and find your new look, naturally. 


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